• The swan is the archetype of grace and beauty. A creature in myth and fairytale, the ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan just as we too can change our feathers.
  • These elegant birds appear in smaller groups or enormous, flourishing flocks; especially during moulting time each year when they are unable to fly during this time they flock together to protect each other against the elements and predators until they can once again take flight.
  • The swan is a symbol of loyalty and strength.
  • In dreams, the swan asks us to spread our wings and take flight into our waking dreams. She also encourages us to strengthen our relationships, as well as make new, long-lasting bonds with people whom we admire.
  • White swans in dreams and in general, are symbolic of cleansing and purifying ourselves and our lives. They are a sign of hope and promise. White swans are also a symbol of new beginnings – getting a fresh start. The white swan is a sign of pure potential – it represents that clean slate upon which anything can be created.
swan network logo perth


The logo design and brand of SWAN was created by Jo Wilson Design to give the feeling of connection and flowing femininity, the swan is drawn as one continuous flowing line. It is also placed on the arc which represents “support”.

The ‘feathers’ of pinks and green reference to happiness/feminine (for pink) and growth/money/finances (for green).

The lower case soft flowing feminine italic Lora font (used for ‘swan’) connects on the “a and n” adding to the flowing feel and the brand representing community, connection and support.

*If you are needing help with a more aligned brand, get in touch on jo@jowilsondesign.com.au and let’s see how we can help you grow your business.


Danielle Meyers is a Senior Financial Planner and Women’s Wealth Specialist whose aim is to educate and encourage others to take control of their finances. With over 25 years of experience in the financial planning industry, she has overseen major transformational change in thousands of individuals encouraging her clients to change their personal money stories in a positive way.

As the founder of SWAN, the greatest strength she brings is her genuine passion to educate and empower women to become the best versions of themselves and help them to take/regain control of their lives and finances.

Danielle juggles a full-time job, a business and her commitments to various charity organisations in addition to her role as a mother and grandmother. She also mentors young female financial planners providing guidance and encouragement on their journeys in life.

Watch Danielle share her story on 6PR 88.2’s Everyone’s Got a Story News segment here.


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“It’s good to know that there are ladies that started this group. Thank you for having me and I know now that if ever I need support I’ll come to you SWAN”
“Wish I had spoken to women in small business rather than my dad, boyfriend, as men have a completely different view on stress.”
“The ‘correct’ advice is essential. Every person you meet tries to give you advice and you’re left sifting through it to find the correct advice. The women of SWAN can give you the facts.”