Swan Network is a network of professional women providing tools, resources and advice to other women going through pivotal life changes to help them take/regain control of their goals in life.

Swan Network’s Seminars lead women to a realistic and empowering journey with noted industry leaders. We guide women to radiate confidence, learn skills and be prepared for pivotal decisions. Get ready to be inspired and invest in yourself through every stage of life.

  • Learn from leaders in numerous industries.

  • Women educating, encouraging and empowering women.

  • Become the best version of yourself and surround yourself with like-minded women.

Ready Yourself for a Rockin’ Retirement

Join a group of curious women learn the mystery of retirement saving. How much should you have? How much do you need? How to get money in and how to get money out?
The seminar covers:
  • Super & Allocated Pensions: What are they?
  • Money In / Money Out
  • How much should I have?
  • How much do I need?
  • What else do I need to know?
  • $45 per person

  • Cash bar available

  • Highway Hotel: Cnr Forrest Avenue & Spencer Street, Bunbury WA 6230

  • Capacity: 20

What Financially Wise Women Should Know

SWAN Network’s seminar, What Financially Wise Women Should Know, focuses on leading women to a realistic and empowering journey of finance with noted financial advisors and planners. We guide women to become financially independent, aware of financial decisions and deliver technical financial plans. Get ready to be inspired and invest in yourself through every stage of life.

Our seminar will discuss strategies and conversations to support you in your wealth journey, with topics about:

1. How to start a money conversation without starting a divorce
2. Financial Planning 101 – What you owe, own, earn and spend
3. Estate Planning – The legal documents you should have in place, not just Wills and Power of Attorney’s
4. Aged Care – Which options are available and how do you pay for them?
  • $45 per person

  • Refreshments Included (coffee, tea, water)

  • TBA

  • Capacity: 40

“It’s good to know that there are ladies that started this group. Thank you for having me and I know now that if ever I need support I’ll come to you SWAN”
“Wish I had spoken to women in small business rather than my dad, boyfriend, as men have a completely different view on stress.”
“The ‘correct’ advice is essential. Every person you meet tries to give you advice and you’re left sifting through it to find the correct advice. The women of SWAN can give you the facts.”